Crossing Lines, Constructing Home
An identity and branding system designed for the Harvard Art Museums’ exhibition, Crossing Lines, Constructing Home: Displacement and Belonging in Contemporary Art. The exhibition focuses around the various ideas related to border and boundaries, as well as the reframing and creation of spaces, identities, and cultures as a result of movement and migration.
This project consists of posters, a printed catalogue, social media video campaign, and design guide.

I was drawn to rebranding this specific exhibition because of a visit I had made to the Harvard Art Museum. Museums are spaces that have helped me navigate my own struggles with identity and place because I’m able to find the work of others who can relate to the same issues that I’ve had to deal with.  The exhibition itself left a mark on me given its focus on the ideas surrounding home, identity, and the creation of spaces. Having been able to relate to some of the works as a result of my own experiences, I felt both seen and represented, and I wanted to explore my thoughts on the exhibition further through this project.


The main focus of these posters is a grid that also expands outward into a system used for typesetting (see below). The grid itself came about from the logo mark that was created for this identity system. The intention behind this grid and its use within the image treatment of this poster comes from the ideas of reconstruction, remixing, and remaking, which were all themes that the show touched on in regard to making spaces of comfort and home. Through the use of grids within this context, the images themselves are also being reconstructed and remade, much like the places and spaces of many of the subjects of the works in the exhibition.

Excerpts from Informational Booklet (full brochure here)

Social Media Promotional Video

Excerpts from Design Guide (full guide here)