Knoll Workplace Resource Library (KWRL)    An identity and branding system designed for Knoll’s Workplace Research Library. The Workplace Research Library functions as a site for exploration between “workplace design and human behavior; ergonomics and health; and the quality of the workplace and user performance” (Knoll’s Workplace Research Library Website).

This identity system draws inspiration from Knoll’s references to constellations in regard to their brand, with Knoll functioning as “a constellation of design- driven brands and people”. The mark itself is a variable mark that connects like a constellation, with it being able to be reconfigured through the use different background forms inspired by Knoll’s furniture, and arrangements of the letters.

This project consists of a logo mark, business cards, and poster series utilizing the identity system.

Logo Structure:

Logo Forms:

Final Logo Marks:

Business Cards:

A triptych designed to provide information regarding Knoll and its Generation by Knoll line, as well as tracking milestones in chair design as an homage to the concept of “generations” that this specific line embraces.