Building upon the ideas and concepts related to taxonomy and annotation, these sticker packets and guide were designed to categorize and prompt interactions with found objects. While the original focus of this project was based in the color orange, it slowly evolved into the thought processes behind observation, objects, and what they make us think about, as well as how we think about and project our own thoughts on them. The goal of these stickers is to aid people in this process of wondering and thinking about the space around them, the objects that inhabit it, and maybe even what the objects think of us.

Process: Starting from a “seed” that focused on “Ornamental Orange Peeling”, these poster explore material related to the subject, with my collection focusing on orange objects They also follow the evolution of this idea into the concept of Stickies, starting with the process poster and its focus on orange objects. The annotations start to prompt questions and thought surrounding the content of the images, which evolved into the final poster.

In the Wild: