an emotional survival kit

an emotional survival kit was designed to provide comfort and support for those who need it. Being a fully customizable and configurable box, it allows the user to tailor the kit to their specific needs. The box also includes cards that allow the user to write down their thoughts and feelings as a means to reflect on why they need what is in their kit, as well as to remind them of how it provides comfort.

This project initially came about as a way for me to cope with the many issues that I had been facing at the time, specifically those regarding homesickness, cultural differences between Rhode Island and Hawai‘i, being a minority and the problems I’ve dealt with as an Asian American, as well as just wondering if I had made the right decision to come to RISD. The starting point of this project was a spam musubi, which is something that I make for myself every so often (even though I don’t cook) because it reminds me of home and provides me with comfort in tough times.