memories and how we hold them
memories and how we hold them was a gallery show held at the Gelman Gallery in the RISD Museum. The theme of this co-curated show was based in the ways we remember moments in our lives and how, as well as why, we choose to immortalize specific moments.

Displayed at the Gelman Gallery in the RISD Museum from April 10-24, 2021.

Curation: Ethan Murakami, Kasia Hope
Design: Ethan Murakami

As both a curator and the designer for this show, my approach to its identity comes primarily from the nostalgia that surrounds childhood photographs and the act of letter writing, as well as the ways in which they function as methods to preserve moments and emotions. Through the exclusive use of handwriting, the designed elements of this show work to create a sense of intimacy and comfort with the viewer in the hopes of bringing them in to our thought process and approach to curating the show.

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